Remember you’re in control

Every mom is going to have those days where she’s about to lose it. The house is a mess, the dog is barking up a storm, and your kid is miserable and tearing down every part of your house. Maybe it’s the day you’re feeling absolutely terrible, or you didn’t get enough sleep last night to fully handle what’s going on. Those days are the worst, and they will come. But, you have to remember you are in control, and the only way you are going to get through that day is by taking that steer by the horns and handling it.

Being a mom is also being a problem solver. You have to figure out what’s best to get you to the next task, to break through the baby tears, and bring some sanity to your nest once again. When your day is just chaos that reality is difficult to tackle, but for the sake of yourself you must learn how. And you will, no matter how dirty or ugly that lesson is.

My most difficult day occurred when I was a new mom, and my daughter was only a couple months old. My dog got sick during the night, and I woke up to him in his crate full of  diarrhea. I slept maybe 4 interrupted hours of sleep that night. My daughter was fussy all night, and I was about to have a full blown anxiety attack. I remember thinking, “What the hell do I do?” The baby was screaming, the dog was dog-elbow deep in crap, and I was exhausted. This is where I realized this day was going to be the equivalent of eating an elephant. The only way to accomplish that is to cut off a piece and chew and swallow until the job is done.

That day totally sucked. But, I got through it. I was in control. I remained calm. I handled my daughter first (sorry Charley), then I got to him. When everyone else was content, then I sat down took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I was proud of myself for dealing with it, for succeeding, and for allowing myself to remain in control. Then about 8 seconds into my restful nap, the baby starting crying, and it was on to the next. That’s being a mom. It’s ridiculously tiring and never ending. But, it requires a strong leader. It requires control. You have to seize it or life with a newborn is going to be a crate full of dog poo every morning.

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