Tips for transitioning to the crib

Every mom will reach the moment when she is ready to get her baby into the crib. This time for the transition might come sooner or later. There is no set time, but all moms feel that feeling at some point, and it usually deals greatly with whether you are ready for the change. I did not transition my daughter to her crib until she was 6.5 months old. She co-slept with me in a bassinet until then. I waited until she was sleeping a solid 6 hour block at night before I considered transitioning to her crib. That luckily happened right about 6 months. But, I wasn’t ready to just toss her in the crib and see what happens. I slowly transitioned her, and I strongly believed it made the change easier.

First, if you are going on vacation at any point close to when you might want to make the switch, do not start transitioning your baby until after. Everything with kids is about consistency and routine. You don’t want to interrupt your plan with a vacation in the middle of sleep training.

Second, I did not let her sleep in her crib at night until she was taking a weeks worth of naps in her crib without any problems. I started out with letting her play in her room to get her familiar with the space. I then started to rock her to sleep in my rocking chair in her room for her naps. Then I placed her sound asleep in her crib for her naps. I wanted her to get used to waking up in the crib so that it would eventually become familiar to her. When her naps went off smoothly, then I knew she was ready for the crib at night. But, unlike her naps, I didn’t let her fall completely asleep before I put her to bed. I rocked her until she was drowsy and just at the cusp of sleep. Then I placed her into her crib and walked out. There was a lot of trial and error with this, and I definitely had to use the ferber method (cry it out) for about 3 days to get her to go down. I will post about my experience with the ferber method in the next post.

If you are about to transition her, I recommend you do it in baby steps (pun intended). Also, ensure you are doing the same exact thing for every nap and for when you put your child down for the night. Keep your schedule the same and always act like it’s sleep time especially at night. No talking, dim lighting, whisper if you have to, and no play. Babies are excellent observers. They catch on to what’s in store if you keep up the consistency. If you have a specific question about this, please feel free to send me a message or comment! Good luck!


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