Accept the Mess

Say goodbye to your organized household. The twain shall never meet again upon the arrival of your little bundle of joy. The moment you have an organized and someone sensible looking room, like a hurricane, your child  will have it on its head in seconds. Sometimes I feel pretty bad that my house looks like a disaster most of the time. It’s absolutely exhausting cleaning up after my daughter and then doing that 100 times a day. I feel that no matter how much effort I put into keeping a room clean, that effort is expunged as quickly as it was exerted. It’s definitely easy to give up and just live in the mess.

But, living in the mess also causes me a lot of anxiety. I hate looking at the mounds of clutter in every room my child has stepped foot in. I decided that the best way for me to not go insane is to have controlled areas of mess. Those are mainly two areas of my house: her bedroom and her play area. This has helped me keep most of the other parts of my house in somewhat of an organized state. Whenever Sarafina goes down for a nap, I focus my energy on the “other” locations. It keeps me sane, and it helps me to accept the mess in a controlled fashion.

It’s easy to forget you can’t do everything. So, you need to compromise and figure out what works best for you. A messy house comes with the territory of having kids. I’ve accepted it, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely off my game. Good luck Moms. You have many messy homed kindred spirits that have your back. No judgement here.

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