A home remedy for your baby’s yeast infections

Sometimes you are not exactly sure what rash you might be dealing with on your newborn.  I would usually start with treating a regular looking rash with the usual diaper cream. But, when the rash didn’t get better after a few days I knew it had to be something else going on. Then I started to notice some pimple like bumps with whiteheads. At that point, I knew I wasn’t dealing with a regular diaper rash. I’d call her doctor and usually I would get some suggestions, one being that it could be a yeast infection.

A lot of times they would want me to come in. But, with newborns there are going to be a lot of moments where a rash could be a yeast infection, and you really can’t be going to the doctors every time to get it checked out. Plus, I didn’t feel comfortable putting anti-fungal medication on her. I tried to avoid using meds on her, since if you know anything about anti-fungals like Monistat, you know that it can seriously screw up the natural bacteria in your body (Read here). In order to save me countless trips to the doctors and avoid her exposure to meds, I opted for a home remedy that did wonders to relieve her yeast infections.

The two things you will need are organic coconut oiland tea tree oil. I also purchased a 3 ounce container to put everything in. Coconut oil and tea tree oil are natural anti-fungal remedies. You can read about their anti-fungal properties here and here.

The recipe is simple. Fill the container with coconut oil (about 3 tablespoons). I recommend you heat the oil in a small pot and then pour it in (don’t burn the oil, just warm it on low till it liquefies). Then add 3 drops of tea tree oil and stir. That’s it. Let the liquid cool until it’s back to hardened form, and then you can apply it like a cream to the affected areas. Tea tree oil is pretty potent, so if you are worried about it bothering the baby use the cream on yourself first to see if there is any reaction. I would also put a little on her hand to make sure she didn’t have a reaction the first time I used it. I would apply it to her butt on the yeasty looking areas, and I also put a little bit of diaper rash cream where the infection wasn’t to create a barrier. I used this under her neck as well when she developed a couple drool rashes that turned into yeast infections. She never had an issue with this home remedy, and it helped clear up every yeast infection she acquired. I hope you are as successful as I was.

And if you really can’t solve the, “Guess That Rash!” game show question, then call your doc!

PS- This remedy can also can work for you!

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