Remember to say thanks to your better half

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! These past few days were hectic to say the least. Attempting to navigate the holiday season with a baby is nothing like you will ever prepare for. Everything needs to be tripled checked, and heaven forbid you forget a paci or sippy cup at home. Failure to include all necessary items will result in elevated status to Defcon 1 and certain meltdown. We definitely had our moments. But, everything all in all ran pretty smoothly, and that’s due in large part because of my husband.

My husband and I treat every situation with our daughter like this is tag team WWE wrestling. But, unlike the WWE everything is real, and the predetermined winner after every match is always the same: my kid. If I’m getting my daughter ready to leave, he’s putting her bags in the car or taking the dog out. If I’m giving her a bath, he’s getting her towels and laying out her clothes for bedtime. I can rely on him, which makes tackling a holiday a lot easier. Fortunately, it’s always been like that. From the very beginning, when we faced a lot of difficulty getting my daughter to meet certain weight goals, he was right there with me helping me finger-feed her every two hours for an entire week straight.

Realizing how important he is in all of this has caused me to attempt to acknowledge him whenever I can. I try to tell him “Thank you,” not because I think I owe him a debt of gratitude, but I think he deserves to feel appreciated. I am actually very thankful for his help, and he deserves to know it. And when I do tell him, I can tell it makes him feel good. He lights up, and he’s happy to help. That’s one thing to always remember to do even when times are the hardest when raising your family. Just be nice to each other. Tell your husband thanks for even the smallest of help. I promise you he will be happy to help the next time around.

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