Babies Do What They Want

Every mom, especially first timers, constantly worry about when her baby is going to do [insert appropriate milestone according to age]. My daughter didn’t do anything “on time.” I knew early on she was a Boss Baby. But, that didn’t stop me from wondering why she wasn’t sitting up at 6 months or why she wasn’t crawling at 8 months. Eventually, I got the hint that she’s gonna do her.

I was further reminded of this realization this weekend. I attempted a couple months back to introduce a straw sippy cup to her. She did not get it. It turned into a temporary chew toy, and so, I stored it back into the cabinet for later use. On Saturday, I decided to bust that cup out and see how she would do. Once it was in her mouth she reacquainted herself with the familiar squishy straw, which was a welcome reminder of its former chew toy purpose. But then, after a couple seconds of gnawing, she just sipped away like a pro. She was ready, and she was gonna do her.

Nothing can change the uniqueness of her as a human, which tends to get lost in the mix when you’re always looking at milestone charts. Babies aren’t pre-programmed robots that you mark with a check once they hit a certain month. They are born unique, dynamic, and particular only to themselves. So, if your son or daughter hasn’t done whatever a growth chart indicates is the time, it’s not a big deal. Babies do what they want. And you probably have a Boss Baby like me.

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