Almost Moms: Expect nothing on the Big Day

If you are about to have a baby or you are in the middle of your pregnancy, the only real advice I have is expect nothing. Well actually, expect to be tired. That’s about the only thing that will happen. When I was about to give birth, I had tons of things running through my mind. I read books about all the possibilities. I wanted to be prepared. But what I ended up doing was continuously worry about labor, complications, keeping it a natural birth, and what was going to happen when I actually had to start taking care of her. I stressed myself out.

But, then it happened, and everything I prepared for didn’t happen the way I thought it would. I had to be induced (not planned for). Contraction pain was ridiculous so I opted for an epidural (not planned for). She came out so quickly the epidural only numbed half my body (not planned for). I still felt everything (planned for, but plan changed when I got the epidural so the unplanned for epidural assumed to plan for not feeling everything, which then led to more unplanned for plans— yes this is exhausting).

And once that beautiful baby is handed to you, don’t think the unplanned for stuff is over. So, if you are going into your birth with any type of expectation as to how it will go, you’re wrong. There is no point worrying about things you can’t control or listening to anyone’s birth battle story and freaking out. Your birth will be absolutely unique, and you will come out on top. If I learned anything, it was to be prepared for uncertainty. I think that is the motto of child rearing in general.

To the Moms about to embark on this crazy journey, pull out a sleeve of oreos, turn on Netflix, and slam that last pint of ice cream. Everything is about to change. It’s best to keep your head clear and worry less.

I do recommend a couple books that will help you prepare to be unprepared:


The former is a good laugh. The latter is great for medical related questions and full of random baby information galore.

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