Nighttime Tip: Get Your Baby Battle Station Ready

Nighttime is rough with a newborn. For me, it was rough for a pretty long time. My daughter didn’t start sleeping 6 hours straight (regularly) till she was close to 6 months. Like most moms, I  chose to co-sleep with my daughter during the first few months. I put her bassinet right beside my bed. But, the one thing I did that helped in addition to co-sleeping was maintaining my baby battle station in my room every night.

What was my baby battle station? It was all the essentials I needed to get me through the night. On my nightstand, I put everything I needed right beside me: diapers, burp clothes, wipes, extra pacifiers, change of clothes, nipple shield, and a waterproof changing pad. I rarely needed to leave the comfort of my bed to take care of her needs. If she had a wet diaper, I changed her right on the changing pad on my bed. Then, I placed her back in her bassinet and attempted to get her to sleep. If you aren’t breastfeeding, I recommend you bring your bottle, formula, and bottle warmer to your room for the night. Then you don’t have to go too far to prepare for a feeding.

Nighttime sucks when you have a newborn. This was my way to make it a little less sucky. Good luck Moms. May the odds be ever in your favor.

PS- Buy a nightlight.

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