Congrats. You just had a Baby. Your life is now over.

One of the hardest realities I encountered in the first few months of motherhood was mourning my old life. Before you have a kid, you really do not appreciate the phrase “I do what I want.” Everything you do, think, plan, worry about, breath, eat is for your child. It’s absolutely exhausting, and a big part of you will likely struggle with that adjustment.

You are required to no longer live a selfish life. Because let’s be real, until you have a kid, your life is me, me, me, selfie, me. A child will throw you screaming off a cliff into the pool of unselfishness. I encourage you to embrace it sooner than later. I probably cried almost everyday for a month straight after I had my daughter. By the second month, I had toned it down to every other day. The biggest reason for those tears was because I felt sorry for myself. I hated (yes hated) the fact I was chained to someone else’s schedule in perpetuity.

But, once I began to accept my new life, and throw that last pile of dirt on my old life coffin, I started to feel a lot better, and I began to embrace the new life I was cultivating with my daughter. Things got easier. I stressed out less. I no longer counted down the hours, minutes, seconds to the next feeding. I went with the flow.

So, if you are about to have a baby, I encourage you to give your current non-baby life its final rights. Go out and do the things you love to do, but with the added understanding this probably is the last time you will get to do it that way for an extremely long time. The appreciation for the freedom that you absolutely take for granted will help you accept what’s to come.

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4 thoughts on “Congrats. You just had a Baby. Your life is now over.

    1. Haha I miss my old life too sometimes. But, now I wonder whether I’ll miss it more when I decide to go for baby number 2! I’ll be thinking of your comment lol. Thanks for reading!


  1. The biggest struggle I had in the beginning was the guilt I felt that I was sad all the time. How in the hell do you feel sad when God just gave you this miracle and it was exactly what you wanted?? I can relate!


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