To change the Diaper or not change the Diaper: that is the question

When my daughter was first born, one of the biggest issues I had was whether I should change her diaper like every single time I noticed even a dot of blue on that yellow line (I’m not talking about poo people). I googled this question. The reviews were mixed. But, the guilt I experienced reading forums caused me to panic every time I saw that dot of blue.

I remember reading a post from someone that stated (and I’m summarizing), “How would you like sitting in a pool of your own urine for hours on end you sick excuse for a human being!!!!” Maybe that’s not exactly what it said, but as a new mom you tend to live and die by every negative comment or potential negative consequence imagined and manifested on the internet. So I ended up doing a very stupid thing all the time and at night. Namely, changing my daughter’s not so wet diaper, which severely annoyed and disturbed her.

Now that my daughter is 1, she is sleeping through the night. And sometimes when she wakes up, that diaper is as heavy as a bag full of pennies. But, to my delight, she sleeps just fine during the night in a pool of urine. Ok, not exactly, but it’s obvious these diapers are meant to hold a lot of that golden glory. So if you are struggling with whether to change your newborn’s diaper at night, and it’s only pee, DON’T!

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