The Dreaded Drool Rash

There will be a point when all of a sudden your infant will begin projecting saliva at a waterfall’s rate out of her cute mouth. As a result, a disgusting and uncomfortable looking, reddish, bumpy rash will begin to appear on her face, neck, and chest. This rash is particularly difficult to eradicate when your baby does not have some neck control. These rashes are persistent and frequent. My daughter got them a few times.

So, what to do? Get ready for some trial and error. Not every product I used help immediately. I usually had to wait a couple days to see whether it was clearing up. But, the one thing you absolutely have to do is keep the area dry. So you better get a strong bib game going, and tuck a napkin into that sweater sleeve and make your grandma proud. Try and wipe drool off her face, when you can.

Apply either Desitin or Aquaphor to the area. I tried both, and whatever seemed to work is what I used (I had better luck with Desitin). I avoided her mouth, but I applied it to her chest and neck and wherever the rash spread.  I would just lather on either product and create a barrier between the drool and skin. Keep that barrier up. Apply and re-apply. If you keep up on this, the rash will diminish and eventually go away completely.

So what if it’s been several days and the red rash is not going away? Well, definitely call your pediatrician. You might also need to consider that this rash might be a yeast infection which also tends to flare up from time to time in either the neck or bum region. I’ll post about yeast infections at a later time. But, I always assumed droll rash then yeast. Remember when you used to think about what lipstick looked better with that dress. Yeah, those days are over…

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